The New Wiggles’ Salary Has Leaked And It’s A Couple Hot Potatoes Short Of The Other Members

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You’ve probably heard the news about the brand new Wiggles members coming to YouTube in September, but I’m sure you’ve wondered how much they earn, and how it compares to the OG Wiggles members. Well, fear no longer, for we have the deets on how much hot potatoes our singing friends make.

Now that most of us (see: The Australian) have become happily accustomed to the news of the brand new Wiggles members, it’s time to talk money. Dollarydoos. Toot toot chugga chugga big red bucks.

The brand new team of Wiggles includes Taribelang woman Evie Ferries as the second Blue Wiggle, Ethiopian-Latina motion dancer Tsehay Hawkins as the second Red Wiggle, Chinese-Australian dancer Kelly Hamilton as another Yellow Wiggle and ex-Justice Crew member, dancer and Filipino man John Pearce as the new fitness-obsessed Purple Wiggle.

The diversity is gorgeous, and these brand new Wiggly friends will be making their debut on the Wiggles’ YouTube page with a brand new show called Fruit Salad TV, which is all about how different we all are, and how that makes us special and beautiful. Love it!

But how much do the new Wiggles make? Well, an insider has told Woman’s Day all the tea, and boy is it juicy.

Reportedly, the new Wiggles are all signed into a strict contract that promises them around $150,000 a year. You may be thinking that such an amount is pretty fruit salad yummy yummy, but it actually doesn’t quite compare to the big earnings of the main Wiggles members.

According to Woman’s Day, Emma Watkins, everyone’s favourite bubbly Yellow Wiggle, rakes in a heaping $750,000 a year. I don’t know if my Maths is correct (I dropped it in Year 10), but that’s more than the new Wiggles members earn in a year COMBINED.

And then you have Blue Wiggle Anthony Field who owns a share in the supergroup (since he’s a founding member), and reportedly earns millions in royalties every year, making his salary a lot higher than even Emma’s.

“Don’t get me wrong, these new members aren’t complaining because they know the power The Wiggles has to transform their lives,” the insider told Woman’s Day.

“It’s still a great paying gig that so many other singers would kill for, particularly in the current climate.”

If you need me I’m going to be looking into how I can become a Wiggle, because damn it they’re swimming in dosh.