Americans Are Only Just Discovering The Hot New Purple Wiggle But We’ve Loved Him Since 2010

Who is the purple wiggle? John Pearce.

John Pearce, AKA ex-member of Justice Crew, AKA the second Purple Wiggle, is the latest fixation of Americans who don’t seem to realise Australia exists and it is hilarious to watch.

Pearce, the king of my heart in 2011, joined The Wiggles in 2021 but it looks like people outside Australia have only just discovered him via a viral TikTok on The Wiggles’ official account.

A video of Pearce (up close and personal in all his glory, bless) playing with Halloween themed finger puppets has 1.1 million views at the time of writing. To put that into perspective, the other videos on The Wiggles’ account have about 30,000 to 200,000 views.

John Pearce TikTok The Wiggles
Look at that difference in views, lol.

The comments are filled with horny girls, gays and theys thirsting over what a “fine” man Pearce is, with many asking “who the hell is that”. I’ll tell you, dear foreigners, who he is: one of the greatest Australian exports of our generation, that’s who.

TikTok thirsting over John Pearce the Purple Wiggle
I’m glad he’s getting appreciated. It’s what he deserves!!!

The Purple Wiggle’s virality has since extended to Twitter, but it got kind of weird over there because, unsurprisingly, Americans think they’re the first person to ever “discover him”. As if John Pearce isn’t well-known and loved by any Aussie under the age of 30.

Sir, he literally has a wedding ring on in the actual TikTok, which zooms in on his finger. Safe to say that him having a wife (not girlfriend!) is not news. And you didn’t “find” him, you just googled “purple wiggle”. Honestly, the audacity of Americans.

As any young Aussie would know, Filipino Australian twins John and  Len Pearce rose to fame in Justice Crew, AKA the hottest shit to grace our screens in 2011. These two were my first loves alongside One Direction, and I was fan-girling over them during the days of snapbacks, “swag” and “YOLO”. It was A Time™.

John became the second Purple Wiggle last year as four new members were added to the troupe for Fruit Salad TV, which focuses on Australian diversity. So fkn wholesome.

The new team also includes Ethiopian-Latina motion dancer Tsehay Hawkins who replaced Emma Watkins as the Yellow Wiggle, Taribelang woman Evie Ferries as the second Yellow Wiggle, and ballet dancer Lucia Field as a second Blue Wiggle. New characters were added too, including Shirley Shawn the non-binary unicorn. Just fkn gorgeous!!!

The Wiggles deserve to be obsessed over so I’m glad the world is realising how iconic they are.