Anthony Field AKA The DILF Blue Wiggle Got A Big ‘Ol Tattoo To Celebrate His Hottest 100 Win

Anthony Field from The Wiggles gets a Hottest 100 commemorative tattoo

Since winning Triple J’s Hottest 100, The Wiggles have been truly living their best life. They’ve performed on stage alongside Kevin Parker (aka Tame Impala) and Robert Irwin. Lil Nas X wants to tour with them. And now Blue Wiggle Anthony Field has a big fuck off tattoo to celebrate the victory.

It was the wiggliest of times, it was the waggliest of times.

The Wiggles’ official Insta posted a video set to the inimitable banger which won them the Hottest 100 — a cover of Tame Impala’s ‘Elephant’. The vid was captioned “tattoo ideas for OGs” which means I immediately need to get one to go with my Dorothy the Dinosaur hat from 2002.

Anthony (wearing an impeccable floral shirt) headed into a tattoo parlour and frankly, I sensed some fear in his eyes.

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But I honestly love the tattoo. I don’t know who that big muscly man is, but good for him for completing every mum’s dream and making it onto Anthony Wiggle’s arm.

He was tattooed by artist Laura Michelle Sumner, who posted up close pics of the tattoo.

Anthony Field also posted his own version of the vid, which he caption “this is why we wear skivvies”. Now I simply need to know how many secret tattoos the rest of the Wiggles have!

Fuck matching tattoos with your significant other. That’s so 2021. Now it’s all about matching tattoos with beloved children’s entertainment band The Wiggles.

But as people in the comments pointed out there’s a kind of, sort of typo in the tattoo. The Wiggles won the Hottest 100 for 2021. However, Anthony’s tattoo says 2022 on it.

While it’s technically incorrect, I do think it makes sense for the tattoo to have 2022 on it ‘cos the competition took place this year. Plus the symmetry of all the twos is visually pleasing.

You’ll have no beefs from me, Mr Blue Wiggle.

It’s now a time-honoured tradition to get a tattoo after a Hottest 100 win. 2020 winners The Glass Animals got commemorative tatts earlier this year.

I kind of love it — maybe next year we can make it part of the rules. If you really wanna win the Hottest 100, you’ve gotta get more than skin deep.