TOOT TOOT: Here’s Your Fruit Salad Of All The Best Reactions To The Wiggles’ Hottest 100 Win

The wiggles

The Wiggles bloody did it! Those toot tootin’ humans claimed the top spot on Australia’s most prestigious music countdown – the Triple J Hottest 100 with their cover of Tame Impala’s absolute choon ‘Elephant’. So, as is customary with any newsworthy occurrence in Australia, we thought we’d better pull together all the best reactions the internet came up with to celebrate this special occasion. The good, the bad and the yummy yummy.

First off – if you’ve been living under a hot potato and haven’t yet got around to feasting your senses on this banger by The Wiggles for Triple J’s Like A Version series, please do so immediately – we’ll wait for you, we promise.

The next point we should mention is that this year’s Hottest 100 was absolutely stacked with worthy winners. In second place was absolute king The Kid LAROI for his collab with Justin Beiber, ‘Stay’ — hands down one of the catchiest earworms of 2021. Spacey Jane came in third with ‘Lots of Nothing’ while Doja Cat and Olivia Rodrigo tied for most songs in the countdown. Big claps for everyone!

Okay – now that we’re done with the formalities, let’s crack into the reactions. These come in varying levels of spiciness so we’ll start off with lemon and herb and work our way up.

These first few are probably pretty good examples of the scenes across most Aussie backyards yesterday as The Wiggles claimed the top spot. A lot of high-fiving, a solid amount of beverages being consumed, and just all-around wholesome vibes complete with a “go the fkn Wiggles” to cap the first video off.

Similar scenes were present in this next TikTok too.


The wiggles won hottest 100!!!! #aus #australia #wiggles

♬ original sound – Josiah

The Wiggles also had support from Australian tennis champion, Dylan Alcott

…And the cops!

Meanwhile, thousands of Aussies across the nations ran to their local fresh fruit grocer to stock up on ‘Fruit Salad’ ingredients.

Despite the overwhelming positivity, not everyone was a fan. Namely, this bloke who was so offended at a win by The Wiggles that he threw his entire sound system in the water. Can’t please ’em all I suppose.


When the wiggles are number 1 on triple J top 100! #foryou #fyp #triplej #wiggles

♬ original sound – Hayden connan

All in all – it was a pretty fab day filled with buckets of nostalgia. Dunno about you folks but I’m definitely booking myself a ticket to The Wiggles live ASAP. You’re welcome to join.