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We all agree that The Wiggles barnstorming their way through Tame Impala’s Elephant on Triple J will easily be the best Like A Version of the year, and has a fair case to make for being the best Like A Version ever, yeah? That’s really not up for debate at this point. It was quite legitimately that good.

With 1.6 million views on YouTube already – and no doubt swathes of deeply confused parents in tow – the Elephant cover (featuring a cheeky little Fruit Salad woven in) has become such a hit that Triple J has gone and released a limited edition Wiggles/LaV crossover shirt that is almost guaranteed to toot toot your chugga chuggas and so on.

The shirt was announced and unveiled by Breakfast helmers Bryce & Ebony this morning, with the grand unveiling going down on Instagram in a post that also happened to feature Lewis Hobba, which is nice, because we like Lewis.

Mimicking the lineup featured in the Like A Version video, the shirt sports six specifically coloured elephants: One yellow (Emma Watkins), one blue (Anthony Field), two purple (Jeff Fatt and Lachlan Gillespie) and two red (Murray Cook and Simon Price).

The Wiggles/Like A Version shirt goes for an entirely reasonable $39.95, but as with all things good, there’s something of a catch: The release is extremely limited, and will only be available for purchase for the next seven days. After that? That’s it. It’s over. Shut the gate. Lock the door. It’s done.

If you feel like getting all up and about in a big ole’ shirt full of pachyderms, the garment ye seek can be acquired via the Triple J website. Again, I stress repeatedly, it’s only available for the next 7 days. No more than that. No texting into the Triple J textline on day 8 being salty that they’re gone. You have been warned.

While you wait patiently for the postie to drop off the goods, why not revisit the incredibly good Wiggles Like A Version below.

That is, and I simply cannot stress this enough, the good stuff.

Image: Supplied