People Are Already Demanding For The Wiggles’ Like A Version To Win This Year’s Hottest 100

the wiggles hottest 100 tame impala

The cover to end all covers has only just landed with us, and people are already on the march to make The Wiggles take out the top spot for the 2021 Hottest 100. My god, the devil works hard but the Wiggleverse works harder.

If you missed it, members of original and new-era Wiggles banded together and finally got to do a cover for Triple J’s Like A Version this week. They folded Tame Impala‘s Elephant into a tight, colourful, skivvy-clad psychedelic fruit salad and, honest to God, it’s an instant entry into the Hall Of Fame.

As soon as the cover hit the airwaves on Friday morning, calls for the track to notch up high in the next Hottest 100 countdown were being made.

Comments sections lit the fuck up with people declaring The Wiggles’ debut into the Like A Version club as one of the best one they’ve ever heard, with everyone from us regular punters to people with actual leverage like Andy Lee demanding the Wiggles cover effort hits the Hottest 100 countdown of the year.

Meanwhile, I’m over here vibing out like Anthony.

Same babe.

Someone has even gone so far as to making a whole Twitter account to keep it fresh in our brains through the next nine (?) months until voting opens up for the next Hottest 100.

Legit, the account is just going to tweet out the video once a day, every day, until The Wiggles win the yearly music democratic vote (or at least get pretty high up in the list).

Naturally, I needed to know more about this new daily reminder of The Best Cover In Human History (yes, I’m calling it) and managed to have a chat with the person behind the account.

Under the veil of anonymity, the Wiggles For Hottest 100 account said it’s determined to keep the cover alive for the whole year so it has a fighting chance against the rest of the year’s releases.

“As an OG Wiggles Fan and a listener of Triple J, my worlds collided together and I had to do something about it,” they said.

“I plan on everyday tweeting a video of The Wiggles Like A Version, with the idea to make sure when votes go live at the end of 2021, people remember this moment.”

They said that they felt inspired knowing that Mash’d N Kutcher‘s Get On The Beers remix ranked high in the 2020 countdown, and considering that absolute heater nearly cracked the top 10, The Wiggles have a fair shot at the top spot.

“It happens every year when you to go vote and have to think what actually came out and what happened,” they said.

“After seeing Get On The Beers make a strong surge late in 2020 and going to 12, I believe the Wiggles can go higher just because it’s a nostalgic band for so many children growing up in the 90s.

“And, because, why not?”

Actively campaigning for particular songs to climb the Hottest 100 countdown has backfired before – let us not forget the Taylor Swift Shake It Off chaos of 2015 – but the Wiggles stan maintains the account is simply a daily reminder of the musical excellence that hit the radio on March 5, 2021.

“I would do paid ads, but that’s probably against the rules,” they said.

“But I’ll be responding back to any contenders, or Triple J content, and reminding them who they are up against.

“We have seen protest on the streets over anti-lockdown rules, I believe if the Wiggles got disqualified, we would march Triple J headquarters and demand justice.”