Pls Watch Robert Irwin Join The Wiggles On Stage To Perform Crocodile Hunter Just Like His Dad

Robert Irwin performing at a wiggles concert

Aussie royalty and king of our hearts Robert Irwin filled in his dad’s spot in the Wiggles adult tour and I am both losing my shit with excitement and also sobbing on my kitchen floor.

OG Wiggles Anthony, Murray, Jeff and Greg were belting out their iconique songs in an arena tour in Brisbane for their adults only tour when the magic happened. (Side note: absolutely shattered that I did not get tickets to see Greg, the man who raised me).

The Wiggles were performing “The Crocodile Hunter”, the song about Steve Irwin from Wiggly Safari, when Robert Irwin joined the stage.

Dressed in Steve’s classic full khaki get up, Rob sang his dad’s lines and performed his dance moves. Following in his father’s footsteps!! I am an absolute mess!!

For those of you sad, sad people who didn’t grow up watching the Wiggles, I cannot begin to convey the EMOTIONS this brings out in me. It would sound like a pterodactyl screeching. So instead, watch fans lose their shit in the crowd instead:

When the music paused for Rob to sing Steve’s iconic line “Crikey it’s a croc! Danger, danger, danger!”??? I felt a rumble all the way here in Sydney. A truly seismic event.

It’s been 16 years since Steve Irwin passed away but I don’t think our mourning period will ever truly be over.

Robert Irwin is now 18 years old and turning out just like his dad. My heart? Warm. My soul? Nourished. Steve Irwin? Proud as punch, I’m sure.