WATCH: Lil’ Robert Irwin Srsly Couldn’t Be More Like Dad Steve On ‘Fallon’

It’s trite at this point to say the Irwin clan is carrying on Steve’s legacy, ’cause the fam has been championing his pure love for wildlife since day dot. 

But, when your mannerisms and enthusiasm mirror the big man’s own to this extent, it’s still worth drawing attention to. 

Taking to The Tonight Show stage, 13-year-old Robert Irwin went ahead and carpet-bombed Jimmy Fallon with Steve’s legendary charisma, and a healthy dose of appreciation for a slew of wild critters. 

Of bloody course, the little legend went ahead and pulled out a live croc to open the segment up. As Irwin nonchalantly confirmed the existence of the reptile’s teeth, it was almost impossible not to draw those mental comparisons. 

Shortly after, Irwin produced a snake as big as him, and was seemingly unperturbed by the fact one of nature’s most brutal killing machines was resting in a talk-show host’s arms. For all of Irwin’s enthusiasm, Fallon wasn’t quite as chuffed.

Things changed slightly when sloths Valentino and Serenity were rolled out, and the planet was given another chance to absorb that endlessly upbeat vibe as Irwin explained their predilection from veggies and grapes.

Onya, mate. Catch the segment below, and just try not to get stoked on nature once more:

Source and photo: The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon / YouTube.