WATCH: Bob Irwin Channels Old Mate Yet Again, Brings A Roo To ‘Fallon’

Comparisons between Bob Irwin and his father Steve are trite and reductive. Nobody could, or should, be expected to bear Steve’s legacy as one of the natural world’s most passionate advocates. Not even his own son.

Then again, Bob’s latest appearance on The Tonight Show prove once again that, well, there is something to the idea.

With a revolving door of baby critters, the young and ceaselessly charismatic Irwin once again managed to give Jimmy Fallon the willies. To be honest, seeing a man who had built his reputation on wacky stunts become genuinely spooked by a geriatric Alligator Snapping Turtle is worth the price of admission alone.
Without once deviating from the script of animal facts that could have been hard-wired in his brain before birth, Irwin once again showed the planet that distinctive brand of Aussie environmentalism. And baby warthogs. He showed the world baby warthogs. 

Have a gander below:

Source and photo: The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon / Facebook.