Just A Video Of A Sweet Baby Ostrich Scaring The Shit Out Of Kevin Hart

Robert Irwin – the spitting image of his legendary Dad Steve Irwin – hopped on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon on Thursday to talk animals and scare the shit out of Kevin Hart. 

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Irwin often appears on Jimmy Fallon to educate viewers on different animals. Last year he appeared on the show with a pair of baby black bears like it was no big deal.

This time was no different except for the addition of a terrified Kevin Hart.

If you’ve seen past animal/Hart interviews you’ll know he abso-bloody-lutely hates snakes. HATES them. So what does the 14-year-old present? Two goddamn kingsnakes (named Elvis and LeBron) Hart is convinced will eat him.

Irwin also introduced Fallon and Hart to an adorable two-month old ostrich named Giselle, a furry tarantula called Big Red, and a falcon named Squire. 

Hart eventually – after so much persuading – allowed Squire to land on his arm so A+ for effort.

Anywhoo, Irwin also appeared on The Tonight Show to promote his family’s new series Crikey! It’s the Irwins which will premiere on Animal Planet come October 28. 

The show, which features Terri, Bindi, her boyfriend Chandler Powell, and Robert, will follow the family’s life at the Australia Zoo. 

“We’re all about carrying on in our dad’s footsteps,” Bindi told  PEOPLE  earlier this month.

Irwin shared a couple of classic photos from the interview to his social media accounts and my Lord they’re precious.

Irwin captioned the post: “What a night! One of the funniest, most memorable days of my life! Big thanks to Kevin Hart and Jimmy Fallon for making it awesome & utterly hilarious! Hope to be back on the show again soon. Happy birthday Jimmy!”

Catch the video, below.

Note: Robert talks just like Steve and it’ll make you emotional.

The Irwins are our national treasure, no doubt about it.