‘Steve Was Here’: Terri Irwin Says She Has A Naughty Tattoo Commemorating The Late Croc Hunter

Terri Irwin shocked a crowd and embarrassed her son Robert Irwin when she admitted that she has a cheeky tattoo to pay tribute to her late husband Steve Irwin “The Crocodile Hunter”.

We’ve all been embarrassed by our mum saying something awkward before, so it’s nice to know that in that sense Robert Irwin is just like us.

Because there is no doubt he was red in the face when his mum Terri admitted to having a spicy tattoo commemorating Steve while speaking at VMX 2024 in Orlando.

The topic of tattoos sprung up when a member of the audience shouted to the two faces of Australia Zoo that they had a tattoo of Steve Irwin, to which others cheered and exclaimed they did too.

Which isn’t too surprising considering his massive fame in America.

What was surprising was Terri’s response:

“It seems like there’s more than one person who has a tattoo of Steve and I was really impressed because I don’t have a tattoo of Steve”.

But just because she doesn’t have a tattoo depicting her husband’s likeness, doesn’t mean she lacked any inked-Irwin-inscription.

She then dropped an incredibly spicy implication to the crowd:

“I have a tattoo that says ‘Steve was here’. I don’t think I can show it to you.”

Peep the moment Robert went red. (Source: @kasiahannabb Instagram)


The response from the crowd was massive laughter, which only grew when her son who was on the stage with her (poor baby Robert) tried to move the conversation on, unsuccessfully.

Look Robert, you may be embarrassed. But if it weren’t for ‘Steve being here‘, then you wouldn’t be either pal.

Massive congratulations to Terri. Gorgeous slay babe. I’n gagging.

File this one under: Tattoo Inspo.