The Wiggles’ Like A Version Is So Fkn Red Hot Triple J May As Well Retire The Whole Segment

the wiggles tame impala like a version

It’s happened. After 30 years as the country’s – and probably the world’s – fave kids band, The Wiggles stepped into the Triple J studios and smashed out a huge cover for Like A Version. The wider wiggly family took on Tame Impala for this week’s cover, and it’s high-key one of the greatest things that has ever graced Australian airwaves – I’m calling it right here and now.

New Wiggles EmmaLachie and Simon joined OG Wiggles JeffMurray, and Anthony to fold Tame Impala’s Elephant into a big psychedelic fruit salad and I have never realised I needed something so much in my life.

With Emma on drums, Lachie on keytar, and Anthony quite literally being the elephant in the room in the best way, the skivvy-clad collective and blend of OG and new era Wiggles really put their own wiggle on it and turned out honestly one of the best covers in Like A Version history.

Please just stop everything you’re doing and absolutely crank this. I’m obsessed. OBSESSED.

Has anyone checked in on Kevin Parker to see how he’s feeling about this cover, and whether he’s maybe gonna don his own skivvy and bring The Wiggles out to play this at future Tame Impala shows? I’m gonna need that to happen, thanks.

Imagine if they did a covers section in their shows, like Tame Impala does their own cover of Edwyn Collins‘s A Girl Like You and then work it straight into the wiggly version of Elephant. Huge. Needs to happen. I crave it.

I mean if Bryce and Ebony were able to source their own skivvies to point their fingers and pop a squat, then I’m sure Kev can wrangle together some kind of psychedelic skivvy to become an honourary Wiggle. May I suggest a night tie-dye number? Or maybe one made with holographic or that hectic reflective material?

Can we also recognise that Anthony Wiggle is barefoot here once again? I swear this man doesn’t own – let alone wear – shoes if he can help it. The man loves a barefoot moment, and as far as he’s aware it is legal as hell.

Happy Friday, mates. I dunno about you but I’m going to be thinking about this one for a long time. It’s just so god damn good.