Tame Impala Served Up A Mid-90s Alt-Rock Horny Bop For Like A Version This Week

tame impala like a version 2020

My God, he’s done it again. Tame Impala has stepped into the ABC studios in Perth and laid down an absolute heater for this week’s Like A Version. It’s so bloody good that I’ve already blasted it in my house like five times this morning, and I reckon it’ll get another few spins before the day is out.

Kevin Parker and his mates that make up the live version of Tame Impala knocked it out of the park for probably the last Like A Version for 2020, taking on the 90s alt-rock jam, A Girl Like You by Edwyn Collins.

You know this jam – it’s been in all the important horny scenes. When Liv Tyler wanted to lose her virginity to Rex Manning in Empire Records and that fur-laden moment with Demi Moore while various mobs did her bidding in Charlie’s Angels: Full Throttle, and more recently in Lucifer, which is just a continuously horny show.

Or maybe it’s sparked some long-forgotten memory from your childhood, sitting in the back of the car on a hot summer’s day when this huge tune comes on the radio in all its bluesy, fuzzy-guitar glory. A deeply-cherished fave of anyone who listened to regional commercial radio (shout outs to 94.9 Power FM) and the perfect track to kick into the silly season.

Kev also told Triple J that he’s been wanting to tackle A Girl Like You for some time, and reimagining this massive mid-90s bop into something of a “Chemical Brothers remix”.

“I chose this song because I’ve always loved it; I’ve always thought it was an incredible song,” he said.

“It’s so simple, and it’s been that song I’ve just heard throughout my life. I didn’t buy his album, but it’s kind of just been there. Every time I hear it, I just fall in love with it.”

Kev also shared his experience of hearing the Edwyn Collins track for the first time – sitting in the back seat of the family car being driven home.

“I remember the very first time I heard the song,” he said.

“I was being driven home, I was in the back seat – I think it was my friend’s mum driving us home – and we’d been on a school excursion to Scitech or something. And I just remember it coming on.”

Hell yeah, gonna go cram it in my earholes for a seventh time.