This really is the year of throwbacks, because I completely forgot about Justice Crew until I recognised one of their members in the new cast announcement for, wait for it, The Wiggles. Another one for the 2021 bingo, please.

For those of you uncultured heathens who don’t know Justice Crew, they were honestly the hottest shit of 2011. Back in the day of ‘swag’, snapbacks and Blackberry slide phones, these dance troupe-turned-musical artists ruled Aussie pop culture and literally everyone had a fave member.

They were like, the Aussie version of One Direction and released this absolute banger, which incites such a visceral sense of forgotten nostalgia in me, it’s unnerving.

My fave members of Justice Crew were Filipino twins John and Lenny Pearce, so it’s no surprise that I did a double take when I saw one of them in The Wiggles’ new cast.

Joining Blue Wiggle Anthony, Yellow Wiggle Emma, Purple Wiggle Lachy, and Red Wiggle Simon are newbies Blue Wiggle Evie, Yellow Wiggle Kelly, Purple Wiggle John and Red Wiggle Tsehay.

That’s right, John Pearce is now a Purple Wiggle. Never thought I’d say those words, but here we are.

He’s introduced as being into fitness and literally lifts a dumbbell while being introduced, and honestly, he is fine as hell.


GUESS WHAT!? #thewiggles #justicecrew

♬ original sound – Justice Crew

Brb, going to start watching The Wiggles with my little sister.

The new team also includes Taribelang woman Evie Ferries as the second Blue Wiggle, Ethiopian-Latina motion dancer Tsehay Hawkins as the newest Red Wiggle, and Chinese-Australian dancer Kelly Hamilton as another Yellow Wiggle. This diversity is just *chef’s kiss*.

There’s also three new characters, including Officer Beaples, a dancing police officer (hmmm), Shirley Shawn, a non-binary unicorn (!!!!!), and Bok the hand puppet. Can’t say I love that there’s a police officer character but a gender non-conforming unicorn??? We love to see it!!! Suddenly I stan The Wiggles.

The team of eight are fronting a new series called Fruit Salad TV which is all about Australian diversity. It’s set to premiere on September 4 exclusively on The Wiggles’ YouTube channel, in case you’re as invested in John Pearce’s career as I am.