Readers Of The Australian (Grown Adults) Are Having Qwhite The Meltdown About The Wiggles

The Wiggles

Who the fuck cares what Queensland LNP Senator Matt Canavan thinks about The Wiggles?! Readers of The Australian do, apparently.

On Monday morning, we were treated to an article in that very newspaper where Canavan – the former Minister for Resources – weighed in on the nonexistent debate raging over the fact that The Wiggles has now expanded to include three more members for a new YouTube series, plus some new anthropomorphic characters.

Those new additions to the beloved children’s band are 15-year-old Tsehay, an award-winning Latin dancer who was born in Ethiopia, Aboriginal member of the Australian Ballet Evie, as well as former Justice Crew member John Pearce, who’ll presumably just go by John, now. In other words, it’s a cool new lineup.

That’s when Canavan chimed in to slam the new line up as “woke”, because apparently Aboriginal, Black and Asian people merely existing is enough to offend the political sensibilities of people like him.

“The Wiggles are free to do what they like. It was nice while it lasted. But you go woke, you go broke,” this grown-ass man told the national broadsheet.

For background, out of the original Wiggles lineup that many of us grew with, only Anthony the blue Wiggle remains. The other three had already been replaced years ago, and there wasn’t a similar outcry at the time.

NEVER read the comments. (Supplied / The Australian)

It wasn’t just Canavan who was having a sook – just wait until you see what the commenters had to say.

In a couple of hours, the article amassed almost 900 comments, qwhite a few of which slammed the kids’ performers for some reason (have a guess why).

“Since I teach my grandkids strength comes from character not diversity of skin colour etc., I won’t be taking them to see a pack of virtue signaling hypocrites,” commented one person.

“Oh well, it was nice knowing you, serves the Wiggles right for listening to idiots bent on changing society to their way of being which is devoid of any moral values, just politically correct non-values,” said another commenter.

What the fuck is going on here? (Supplied / The Australian)

Someone described the new members as “politically correct additions with unknown talent,” perhaps deliberately glossing over the fact that they’re actually accomplished performers in their own right.

A bunch of people simply called the band “The Wokels”. Zing!!!

“The ironic thing here is that all these ‘wokist’ followers of the Marxist tradition that are standing up for this inane and purely leftist idiocy would be hysterically crying like stuck porcines if the Wokels decided to just employ people who actually had talent , not political appeal based on their ethnic appearance to assuage the bent and misguided logic that they aspire to,” said one person.

At this point, it’s just pretty sad that people can be filled with so much hate that they feel the need to bash children’s performers for not being white.

There are some truly cooked and racist people out there.