Lib Senator Quits Cabinet Over Dual Citizenship His Mum Secretly Applied For

The bloodthirsty beast that is Section 44 of the Australian Constitution has claimed yet another victim, with Nationals senator and Minister for Resources and Northern Australia Matt Canavan quitting cabinet due to the possibility that he might hold dual ItalianAustralian citizenship.
The last fortnight saw the resignation of Greens senators Scott Ludlam and Larissa Waters, after it was discovered that they held dual New Zealand and Canadian citizenship, respectively.
In a press conference held with Attorney-General George Brandis this afternoon, Canavan said that his mother had signed him up for dual citizenship without his knowledge, which she was able to do because of his Italian born grandmother.
Canavan said that his mum didn’t think to tell him about it until she saw the what happened with Waters and Ludlam. Unlike in the case of Ludlam and Waters, whose citizenship issues arose from their birth, Canavan’s mum applied for his citizenship on his behalf in 2006, when he was 25.
At this stage, Canavan has just stepped down from his cabinet position while the issue is being investigated, and will remain in the senate until it is clear whether or not he is ineligible.
You can watch the press conference below:

Photo: Liberal Party.