Simon Cowell Appeared In An Uber Eats Ad W/ The Wiggles, But His Shrek 2 Cameo Was Better TBH

Simon Cowell

There are two things I never thought I’d ever say in the same sentence and they are: Simon Cowell and The Wiggles. Well, I’m saying it now…because this cursed combo just appeared in the latest Uber Eats promo.

In a recent ad for the food delivery company, talent show judge, Shrek 2 character, producer, Shrek 2 character, celebrity manager and Shrek 2 character Simon Cowell joins The Wiggles as the Grey Wiggle.

The Grey Wiggle is just like Cowell, bland and depressing. But luckily, he has The Wiggles to brighten things up a bit.

The four happy Wiggles sing what they’ll be eating tonight: “rices and spices”, “zucchini linguine” and “chicken flame grill.” Cowell, unimpressed, then says “I’ve already eaten”.

Check it out below:

More importantly, I need to know who Uber Eats is giving free food to in order to get big names like Simon Cowell and Kim Kardashian to appear alongside Aussie royalty like The Wiggles and Magda Szubanski.

Well, turns out it’s about $2 mill worth. Yep, according to a source, Kimmy K was paid $1.36 million USD ($2 million AUD) for her cameo. One of PEDESTRIAN TV’s writers even went to the effort of doing the math, and it’s apparently enough to buy a $30 Uber Eats meal every single day for the next 181 days *cries in poor*.

And even more importantly, why does Simon Cowell always appear as himself in children’s TV shows and movies??? No seriously, it’s genuinely weird and I don’t think anybody talks about it enough.

Not only did Cowell appear in Shrek 2, he also features in SCOOB! and the Bratz Rock Angelz movie. Do kids even know who Simon Cowell is these days?

This is Simon Cowell’s world and we’re just living in it.