Everyone’s favourite modern-day Wiggle, Emma Watkins, has announced that she is engaged to another member of The Wiggles band only three years after she called it quits with Lachie, the current purple Wiggle. Something in the studio room water I guess?

Yep, the yellow Wiggle is engaged! There is truly nothing greater than successful Aussie celebs in love, especially when they post cute pics with their boo. I always have time in my schedule for it.

Watkins announced her engagement via Instagram with the caption “when life gets more sparkly”, and also posted a couple more pics on her story in scenic Warrnambool, Victoria, where her Wiggly beau popped the question.

Yes, her new hubby-to-be is also from The Wiggles. There is a small pool of men that have won Watkins’ heart and all of them have sung ‘Fruit Salad’ for a living.

Introducing The Wiggles’ banjo player, Oliver Brian, who has worked in the band for quite a few years now. The two met at work, obviously, and I’m here for it.

“He’s a very calm and thoughtful person and I’ve always been interested in his mind and his take on life, and his morals,” Watkins told Stellar Magazine in 2019, when the romance first took off.

“He loves talking about the environment and food production.”

Sounds like the man of my dreams TBH.

Emma Watkins Yellow Wiggle Engagement
Getting engaged by the cute little horsies? I’m in fkn love with all of this.

Boyfriend, if you are reading this, this is all I want. Victorian countryside, a couple of horses, a cute little shiny ring, and us on a little bridge by the water. Perfection.

Emma Watkins Is Now Engaged To Another Member Of The Wiggles Band, So Where’s My Workplace BF
This is too cute omg.

This is the closest thing to Australia having a royal wedding, so of course, I am invested.

When purple Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie and Emma Watkins made their split public in 2018, Gillespie told the Herald Sun that what started off as a strong friendship, and became a relationship, would simply return to the two being very good friends who support each other.

“To be able to realise as a couple that we were going different ways and to stay as close as we are is a real testament, I think, to both of us,” he said.

“I love her more now than anything and she loves me more than anything.”

You hear that? That’s maturity. Here’s to Watkins and her cute new Wiggle fiancé.

Image: Getty Images / Lisa Maree Williams