Purple Wiggle Lachy Gillespie Opens Up About Spilt From Emma Watkins

Lachy Gillespie has given his first interview since the announcement of his shock split with fellow Wiggles member Emma Watkins earlier this month, saying that he still loves her and remains her best friend.

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Speaking with the Herald Sun, the purple Wiggle said that they are close and “always have been”, but that they grew apart in their relationship, leading to its eventual breakdown. “It’s life,” he said of the split, adding:

“To be able to realise as a couple that we were going different ways and to stay as close as we are is a real testament, I think, to both of us. I love her more now than anything and she loves me more than anything.”

He seems remarkably chill about the separation, saying that in some ways, it has even brought them closer together:

“We had such a connection at the start and in a way it has got stronger through the whole separation. We have got to that point that we know our paths have changed and things were not working as a couple. But all we care about is the children who watch the show. That’s how it started and that hasn’t changed.”

Earlier this year, she spoke about her ongoing battle with endometriosis, and he said that, following the break-up, she will have time to devote to her recovery, telling the Herald Sun “she is still really tired,” and is “really concentrating on getting better.”

Lachy Gillespie and Emma Watkins met in 2010 and were married for two years, sharing “the most beautiful life” together before the announcement of their split this month.