Emma Watkins Is Dating A Man From The “Wiggles Family” And It Ain’t Captain Feathersword

Emma Watkins

As if we needed any further proof that The Wiggles are the Fleetwood Mac of Australian kids’ entertainment, Yellow Wiggle Emma Watkins has today revealed a new romance with one of the group’s musicians.

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Watkins was previously in a decade-long relationship with fellow Wiggle Lachlan Gillespie. They married in 2016 but split two years later, and he would go on to date dancer Dana Stephensen, who he met through the group.

Speaking with The Daily Telegraph, Emma Watkins said that she was delighted to hear about her former husband’s new romance, and revealed that she’s dating someone of her own, musician Oliver Brian, who is part of the Wiggles “family.”

She said that the pair have been friends and worked together for “years” before he asked her out, adding:

“He’s very opposite to me. He’s a very calm and thoughtful person and I’ve always been interested in his mind and his take on life, and his morals. He loves talking about the environment and food production. It’s not very ‘Wiggly’, but it’s been nice for me to talk about things not just concerning ourselves, but people everywhere around the world.”

I’m not sure what we’re meant to take away from that and if this means that Lachlan only talked about ‘Wiggly’ things. Either way, we’re happy to hear that both are happy and have moved on.