A TikToker reckons she’s figured out the secret to eternal DM slide-ins using Instagram Notes. Absolutely fab news for anyone currently in the market.

Her genius system uses Instagram’s new feature to essentially thirst trap people using words. Or, as she likes to call it “Notes trapping”.

The creator, whose name is Alex Weitzman spilled the Instagram Notes tea in a spicy one-minute video.


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“This is going to revolutionise the way we slide in each other’s DMs,” she begins.

“When you post a note, you get to pick who gets to see it in your close friends.

“But the difference between this and a Story is (that) on a Story, the person will see that you’re their close friends. But on Notes, they will not.”

Well well well. If this is true, Instagram Notes might actually be a genuine game changer.

Not only does this ensure your crush (or, let’s be honest, crushes) will see your Note, it means you can tailor your content to suit their interests.

Weitzman then claims to have conducted her own unofficial scientific experiment to figure out if this is actually the case.

“I even tested this for you through my second account. It doesn’t show that it’s for close friends.

“What this means is you can go ham.

“You can be like “oh, what do you guys think about Argentina making it to the finals of the World Cup?” if your crush likes Argentina. And every day, just keep posting a different one (to your close friends).”

Much to think about. Much to stew over.

If you’re planning on utilising this devilish new method, best of luck to you. May all your DM slides be good ones.

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Play on, players.

Image: TikTok via Alex Weitzman