Behold The DM Sliding Magic That Led To This Photo With Michael B. Jordan

An American college student managed to meet Michael B. Jordan after executing an absolutely flawless DM slide, and she was even generous enough to share her methodology with the thirsty masses.

Sylvia Wilson, a student at Philadelphia’s Temple University, learned the Black Panther star was hanging around her campus while filming scenes for Creed II. As a result, she did what any enterprising fan would do: she crept into those Instagram messages like a pro.

Before outlining her process, we implore you to look at the photos. Both champs, honestly.

After sharing that blessed content, Wilson told her Twitter following that she simply asked Wilson if she could buy him a smoothie in exchange for a photo. Old mate miraculously replied, saying that she didn’t have to buy him anything and could just rock up at his trailer for a pic.

Wilson then took it upon herself to answer questions from the whole world about what it was like to, you know, be next to him. She said Jordan looked “right into my soul” in that second photo, and that he smells like mahogany and teakwood. Swoon.

She also clarified one vital point about the encounter:

Since posting those photos, folks have dubbed the act of sliding into a celeb’s DMs as “pulling a Sylvia”, and some have even sent him messages imploring the actor to actually date the 21-year-old.

Just imagine if every fan experience was that wholesome.