This TikToker Annihilated Mitch Hibberd’s Dating Career Post-Love Island & Here’s The Receipts

mitch hibberd love island

A gal on TikTok just absolutely obliterated Love Island star Mitch Hibberd’s DM-sliding career by revealing the embarrassingly stale conversation they had over a year in her Instagram DMs.

In a video posted on TikTok, a Melbourne woman named Annie Knight shared screenshots of a conversation between her and the North Melbourne Football Club player from March 2017 to June 2018 and it’s giving, it’s giving extreme fuckboy energy tbh. Y’know, after his fellow contestant Emily Ward revealed that he had slid into her DMs (before she left him on read) prior to filming the season.

Over the 15-month-long period, Hibberd appeared to have reached out to Knight on several occasions. In most of these instances, Mitch sent her a message that read “Hey! How are you?” or “What have you been up to?”

Of the ten times the Love Island star allegedly messaged Knight in the DMs, she replied to him only twice. Twice.

Now that’s what I call borrowing a pile of books from the library and then leaving them on read.

“Hey! How are you”, Hibberd sent on the 24th of March, 2017.

“Hey. Good you[?],” Knight replied.

Hibberd dryly replied back the next day: “Yeah good thanks! What have you been up to?”

Then, crickets. Nearly a month goes by and Mitch decides to send another message: “Hey! How have you been?” Then again on the 12th of July: “Hey! How are you?”

“Good how you been?” Knight replied on the 13th of July.

“Yeah, good thanks! What have you been up to?”

Another month goes by and Mitch tries again: “What’s your Snapchat?”

Then, a full year goes by and he shoots his shot one more time: “Hey! How are you?”

Folks, I am HOWLING. This convo is about as dry as the walls of the Love Island set pre-filming but it does suggest one thing: fellow contestant Emily ain’t the only gal Mitch has awkwardly DM slid into. Side note: if we were to power rank the Love Island couples (which we do), they wouldn’t be at the top of our list.

Anyway, watch the full TikTok below.

The TikToker added that the 25-year-old former AFL player has allegedly slid into the DMs of “half of Melbourne”. If true, I can imagine that a big reason why is because he might not have been very successful – I mean look at his abysmally weak game here? Man’s said shoot your shot, even when you have unlimited counterfeit ammunition.

“Other people tell me that they’ve received DMs from him as well and he’s very well known in Melbourne for DMing everyone,” she added.

“A lot of my friends have received DMs from him.”

You can catch this cheeky dry-wall himbo and his fellow contestants on Love Island on Channel Nine or 9Now.