This TikToker Straight Up DM’d Drake And His Response Deserves Immediate Time In Horny Jail

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Everyone’s probably thought of sending a private message to a celebrity that’s way out of their league, but the reality is they would probably never even see it (Daniel Ricciardo check your inbox, babe). This TikToker and podcaster proved us all wrong after she sent a rogue DM to Drake of all people and received the horniest of responses back.

Emely Hernandez from the Suburb Talks podcast revealed via TikTok that she and another member of the pod messaged the rapper at the same time, but only one of them got a response. No surprise, it was the woman, while the guy didn’t even have his message opened.

All Hernandez messaged was “hiii” and Drake immediately responded with a Bitmoji of himself.

A few messages later and Drake sent the ol’ “wya” message. What an absolute horndog and a half.

“He was typing quick,” said Hernandez.

Hernandez wrapped up the interaction with a “come see me when you’re out there (LA)”.  Drake’s response? “Don’t have to tell me twice.”

Sir, don’t you have things to be doing? Isn’t 21 Savage waiting for you to do something for HIM for once?

You can watch the wild vid below, which includes the poor attempt Suburb TalksNick Grajeda made at getting a response from Drake.



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Drake recently made headlines after he was called out by Megan Thee Stallion for using one of his tracks on his recent album Her Loss to allege she lied about getting shot back in 2020.

In his song “Circo Loco”, Drake rapped “this bitch lie about getting shot but she still a stallion”. He didn’t really leave much for interpretation there — how many other people do you know who say they’ve been shot at and also call themselves a stallion? It was a weird and completely unnecessary line from him.

Megan Thee Stallion soon found out about the line and took to Twitter to clap back at Drake.

Honestly, I’m getting over Drake using everything but his talent to garner attention. At least he’s texting people who aren’t underage girls like Millie Bobby Brown.

Dear lord, I am incredibly tired.