Megan Thee Stallion Clapped Back At Drake’s Kinda Obvious Diss About Her Traumatic Shooting

megan thee stallion drake diss shooting her loss

Drake‘s newest album Her Loss has barely been out a couple of hours and he’s already getting called out by Megan Thee Stallion for using one of his tracks to allege she lied about getting shot back in 2020.

In the song “Circo Loco”, Drake raps “this bitch lie about getting shot but she still a stallion”. Not very hard to read between the lines of what he’s saying here. What in the hell is this gaslight-y, backhanded compliment?

Megan’s fans quickly alerted her to the not-so-subtle diss in Drake’s new record — which is a co-release with 21 Savage — and she popped off on Twitter about it and whether she thought it was actually about her.

Megan first asked her fans to “stop attaching weak ass conspiracy theories” in songs to her name. But when a fan pointed out that the lyrics seemed pretty obviously about her, she went in on people who use her for cultural clout.

“Since when is it cool to joke about women getting shot,” she tweeted.

“Ready to boycott bout shoes and clothes but dogpile on a Black woman when she [says] one of y’all homeboys abused her.”

Fans were quick to throw their support behind Megan and stress the importance of believing women. Drake’s lyrics do literally nothing but perpetuate the idea that women are liars and discourage women from coming forward to tell their lived experiences of abuse.

Between this and the fact Drake decided to post a bunch of unsolicited hentai (anime porn) to his Instagram ahead of the album launch, it’s a big no from me. I’m not about to drop anime porn on main but if you really must check it out, it’s been saved on Twitter for posterity.

I’m not here to yuck anyone’s yum but maybe don’t post NSFW content without a heads-up simply because you want to drum up clout and chatter for your work. That truly ain’t it, my dude.