5 Chaotic News Stories To Send You Screaming Into The Second Half Of The Week

Today is the day. If you’ve always wanted to be the one wowing your pals with weird and wacky facts, we’re doling out a whole load of them this arvo with some chaotic news. In case you’ve missed any of the buck wild stuff going down in the news cycle, we’ve rounded up the most random of it, so you can regale your pals.

So, while you’re having a quick Suntory BOSS Coffee break at work, or a cheeky arvo doomscroll, have a quick squiz at these stories and then commit them to memory so you can wheel out each and every one of them tonight. Impress your mates with how much you have your finger on the pulse, the obscene amount you can keep in your brain, and talk current affairs without it getting too heavy.

Hamish and Zoe Foster Blake’s Gogglebox Salary Just Leaked & WTF, This Is A Whole House Deposit

As we know (and love), Aussie royalty Hamish and Zoe Forster Blake are taking part in the upcoming, one-off Celebrity Gogglebox special. As if we weren’t already keen enough to get a peek inside their fancy schmancy place, a leak also let loose this week on how much they’re getting paid for their appearance. We could only dream.

Find out how much the couple is supposedly pocketing to watch TV like the rest of us plebs, HERE.

The Super Bowl Halftime Show Basically Mirrored Our 2003 iPods & The Internet Lost Its Mind

The NFL’s night of nights took place on Monday our time. As usual, it appears our excitement for the Super Bowl halftime show has surpassed all enthusiasm for the football. In an absolute throwback medley of iconic hip hop tracks from Dr Dre, Snoop Dogg, Eminem, Mary J. Blige, 50 Cent, Anderson .Paak and Kendrick Lamar, the internet collectively lost their minds. The combo will transport you right back to your youth.

Cop a look at the highlights, best reactions and suss out where to catch up on the show, HERE.

Allow This Real-Life Saga Of Engagement Rings Being Knocked Into A Bin To Activate Your Secondhand Anxiety

Hoo boy. If you own an engagement ring, hang onto it for dear life as you read this hectic story. In a perfect storm of mistakes, a Sydney couple’s rings were left unattended in their mailroom without authority on a Friday, before eventually ending up in a bin. The couple had to fret all weekend before being able to look into the missing parcel on Monday. Yikes. 

Read how it all went wrong, HERE.

Bored Dad Shows Off Hobby He Took Up To Alleviate Stress Of Job He’s No Good At

This may take the cake for chaotic news. If you haven’t seen Scott Morrison whip out his new hobby – the ukulele – during his 60 Minutes interview with Karl Stefanovic yet, you simply must go and cringe your way through it now. The country has been losing its mind over the footage ever since a teaser for the interview was released last week. Following Morrison’s shoddy rendition of “April Sun In Cuba” airing on Sunday night, the Aussie-New Zealand band behind the song, Dragon, have even ripped into him.

Watch him butcher the song and all the wildest reactions to it, HERE.

Someone Has Listed MAFS’ Texan Hammerhead Andrew Davis On Facebook Marketplace For $0

An iconic burn for the MAFS history books went down this past week. Andrew Davis, a 38-year-old Texan appearing as one of the grooms on this season has been put up on Facebook Marketplace by quite the creative MAFS fan. The ad decided to call him a “vintage American tool” and listed him for a whole $0. However, from what I’ve heard of his brutal ‘honesty’ to his on-screen wife Holly, $0 might still be too expensive.

Read the full ad and find out why he’s copping hate, HERE.

So go on, go change the heavy subject to one of these silly numbers to get the table really going, tonight. Your friends will be thanking you for the breath of fresh (and strange) air this chaotic news provides.