The NZ Band Behind Morrison’s Ukelele Cover Has Slammed His Truly Dogshit Rendition

morrison ukelele dragon statement

Dragon — the New Zealand band behind the track Scott Morrison decided to belt out on the ukelele for Sunday’s 60 Minutes — has released an official statement about his “interpretation” of their iconic song.

The band responded to the Prime Minister’s attempted cover of the 1977 hit “April Sun In Cuba”, saying it had put the band “back in the headlines for all the wrong reasons”.

“It is a cynical move to a politician to co-opt music in an attempt to humanize themselves come election time,” the band’s statement read.

“Maybe if his trip to Hawaii had not been cut short, he could have learnt the lyrics to the rest of the chorus.

“Take me where the April sun gonna treat me so right, so right, so right.”

If you haven’t seen the moment Morrison got the ukelele out and managed to fully butcher the chorus of the song, I’m so sorry but it’s simply mandatory viewing.

For reference, this is how the actual track sounds.

The band also took to Instagram to share a searing hot sledge on Morrison for torching the song, which was written about a “long-ago diplomatic fracas on the other side of the world”.

In the video originally posted to TikTok by @_itsnotarace (and Sydney comedian Dan Ilic), the footage of Morrison playing the chorus (extremely out of key) is backed by footage of a bushfire, with flames and embers whipping around his head. Absolutely stunning stuff, that.

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Did Morrison even read the lyrics of this song before he decided to pull out the ukelele like that one cooked dude at kickons who thinks a 5am acoustic sesh is exactly what everyone needs?

My good man, that song is literally about ignoring everyone around you and escaping the city to a zero-responsibility, summer-chasing life in a country that once had the very real threat of being engaged in nuclear warfare with the United States. There’s barely a more apt song out there about jumping out of the frypan and into the fire.

Even though Morrison apologised for the phenomenally ill-timed family holiday to Hawaii during the Black Summer bushfires of 2019 and 2020 — and his wife Jenny Morrison took the heat for that trip in the 60 Minutes interview — I daresay the irony of Scott cracking out a dogshit version of the late-70s Dragon hit is not lost on anyone who thinks about it for more than a second.

Big yikes, dude.