Hamish And Zoë Foster Blake’s Gogglebox Salary Just Leaked & WTF, This Is A Whole House Deposit

Hamish and Zoe Blake Celebrity Goggle box salary leaks.

In great news for salary pervs like me, Hamish and Zoë Foster Blake‘s eye-watering pay for their Celebrity Gogglebox appearance has apparently leaked — and so have some spicy deets on a potential stand alone reality show.

Australia’s fave couple were confirmed to be appearing on Foxtel and Ten’s Celebrity Gogglebox last week, leading everyone (or maybe just me) to ask the obvious question: does this mean we are finally going to get a look inside their $9 million home, inclusive of the hydraulic lift???

The answer, it seems, is yes because their alleged massive salary includes a partnership that could see more than just a Gogglebox appearance from Hamish and Zoë.

According to Woman’s Day, the couple is rumoured to have been paid a huge $500,000 to appear on the show. Half a million dollars!!! A whole house deposit!!! For one TV stint!!!

Or actually, potentially more than one, because a ~source~ told Woman’s Day that insiders are hoping the partnership will lead to the Blakes starting their own Keeping Up With The Kardashians style reality show.

“Australia has been crying out for the Blakes to make their own reality show for years now – and Foxtel has heard this loud and clear,” the industry insider said.

“They’re going to use Celebrity Gogglebox as a bit of a trial run for them to see if they could hold a show in their own right.”

Apparently executives are really excited at the prospects — especially considering they know we’ll all watch it just to get a peek into that glorious house.

“They’ve got the perfect combination of glamour – seeing inside their $9 million Vaucluse mansion in Sydney would be worth a watch alone – combined with their down-to-earth nature and humour, it would be reality TV gold.”

It looks like fan-reception to the couple’s Celebrity Gogglebox appearance is what’s critical in deciding if executives will go ahead with the Kardashian style reality show — but I don’t think they have anything to worry about.