Hamish Blake And Zoë Foster Blake Bought A $9M Home In Vaucluse Because It’s Sydney, Bitch

Shortly after announcing that they’d be leaving Melbs, Hamish Blake and Zoë Foster Blake bought a new property in Sydney’s Vaucluse for a whopping $9 mill.

The hot-fucken-property is 885sqm and is situated in Sydney’s Eastern suburbs, just a short commute away from the Go-To skincare headquarters.

Image: The Daily Telegraph

The property is five bedroom, but has six-bathrooms for some reason ??? At least it eliminates the off-chance that everyone may need to use the bathroom at the same time.

From the pictures seen in The Daily Telegraph it looks pretty serene. However, I’m sorry but nothing will ever beat their Grand Designs home in Melbourne’s Richmond. Nothing.

Just look at the architecture. It’s like house porn.

A hydraulic lift?? Oh my lord.

But alas, they had to say goodbye to perfection in order to support boss-bitch Zoë Foster Blake with Go-To skincare, and I simply must respect that.

The pair announced the move on Instagram, with Hamish Blake writing that:

“For a long time I have known that stealing my wife from Sydney would mean one day we’d venture there to live a while.”

“Since her business is going so strong (“booming” I believe is the business term), her family is there, and I am keen to get a role on Bondi Rescue (as a tourist who faints from eating too many ice creams) it seemed like the time to make the move!

“Its been on the cards for a while but, and I know this might sound a bit weird, I’m sort of glad we got to spend this last year in Melbourne while we all went through lockdown together, and experience the strength and spirit of this amazing city. I may wander north for a while, but Melbourne, you will always be home.”

This comes after literally every man and his dog have decided to move to NSW recently, either in Byron or Sydney itself. They sure picked a bad time though (*cough* COVID *cough*).

But there is good news: the Grand Designs home will be on the market now (well for someone rich, not for me personally).