Sacha Baron Cohen, otherwise known as Borat, has given his first interview since touching down in Australia with his wife and fellow actor, Isla Fisher.

It’s currently unclear whether Baron Cohen has relocated to Australia for good. Fisher recently joined the cast of Netflix’s animated film Back to the Outback, costarring Eric Bana, Miranda Tapsell, and Celeste Barber, so perhaps that’s why they’re here.

For what it’s worth, the couple have reportedly enrolled their children in a local school in Sydney.

Appearing on ABC News Breakfast on Tuesday, Baron Cohen chatted about the Borat sequel which he described as a plea for people to go out and vote.

“Maybe the most impactful thing it did was to discredit Rudy Giuliani, although he’s done a pretty good job, since,” he said.

The comedian also talked about the increasing number of Hollywood actors popping up in Australia this year, crediting it to our response to the pandemic.

Actors including Natalie PortmanNicole KidmanIdris Elba, and Liam Neeson have recently travelled to Australia to film separate projects.

“I think there’s more and more filming coming here because it’s safe, right?” he told the ABC.

“You’re one of the few countries in the world [where] the politicians stepped aside – whatever you want to think about the politicians – stepped aside and said, ‘Okay, let’s let the scientists run the show’, and it’s been amazingly effective. I really hope it continues.”

Me too, Sacha Baron Cohen, me too.

You can watch the actor’s full interview with the ABC below.

As for Fisher’s new project, the animated film will follow a group of Australia’s deadliest creatures who plot a daring escape from a zoo. Fisher leads the stacked cast as Maddie, a poisonous snake with a heart of gold.

The film will also feature the voices of Keith UrbanJacki Weaver, Guy Pearce, and Wayne Knight.

It’s directed by Clare Knight, who you might know for her work on The Lego Movie 2 and the Kung Fu Panda trilogy, and Harry Cripps.

Back to the Outback will make its global debut on Netflix in 2021, so keep your eyes peeled.

Image: ABC News Breakfast