Borat Returned To The US To Stump Trump Supporters At The Midterm Elections

In some ways, it’s surprising that Borat, arguably Sacha Baron Cohen‘s most well-known character, can still fool average punters. His moustachioed caricature first burst onto cinema screens twelve years ago, and his catchphrase “my wife!” appears to have a half-life of a million years. We get it: Borat Sagdiyev is nothing but a dramatic device used to evince the true feelings of credulous normies.

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Alternatively, in a world overflowing with outright lies more easily disproven than a fake Kazakhstani, it kinda makes sense that Borat could still fool some very trusting Americans. Especially so in the lead-up to the contentious US mid-term elections.

For Jimmy Kimmel Live!, the British comedian donned the grey suit once more to door-knock potential voters in the lead-up to the climactic vote. In his travels, he met a woman who seemingly advocated for keeping kids in cages, and a man who denied the idea that President Donald Trump is a racist.

Also of note: the Republican voter who, very thankfully, would not be drawn into Borat’s anti-Semitic sentiments (Baron Cohen is Jewish). The use of dog-whistles like “globalist” in the aftermath of America’s worst anti-Semitic attack is questionable; fortunately, it seems none of the voters he spoke to played along.

Peep the clip below: