Hamish & Zoe Foster Blake Will Be Appearing On Celebrity Gogglebox, $9M Mansion And All

hamish blake zoe foster blake gogglebox

Attention all googly-eyed girls, gays and Zoe Foster theys, we finally have confirmation that Australia’s favourite couple – Hamish and Zoe Foster Blake – will be appearing on the upcoming Gogglebox spinoff Celebrity Gogglebox Australia. Yes, this means we get to see the beloved couple together on our screens to help us feel joy once more.

The fire-hot news comes from Foxtel, who will be hosting the episode of Celebrity Gogglebox Australia on their LifeStyle channel.

The couple are the first celebs to be confirmed for the show, and I simply cannot wait to see who else will be joining them in sitting on a couch to watch some pristine Aussie telly.

What will they be watching? I really don’t care to be honest. This duo is so effortlessly entertaining (and charming) that I will consume anything they put out. Hell, they could be watching the extended cut of The Passion of the Christ and I’d leave my couch wanting to get baptised again.

“We waited until the time was right to commission Celebrity Gogglebox,” said Executive Director of Television at FOXTEL Brian Walsh.

“FOXTEL has always held the view that if we were able to take one of our most successful shows and modify it and lift it with a celebrity version, we had to deliver the strongest lineup of Australian celebrities. We believe we have delivered just that, for what will undoubtedly be one of the highlights of Australian television in 2022.”

I do wonder if this means we’ll get to have a good look inside the pair’s 885sqm $9M mansion in Sydney’s pricey Vaucluse. You know, the one with the hydraulic lift and the absolutely sexy architectural design? Yeah, that one.

“For a long time, I have known that stealing my wife from Sydney would mean one day we’d venture there to live a while,” Hamish wrote on Instagram (when the couple relocated cities).

“It’s been on the cards for a while but, and I know this might sound a bit weird, I’m sort of glad we got to spend this last year in Melbourne while we all went through lockdown together and experience the strength and spirit of this amazing city. I may wander north for a while, but Melbourne, you will always be home.”

Show us the house, Hamish. Show us the fkn house.

If you wanna catch Hamish Blake, Zoe Foster Blake and (possibly) their little bub you can catch their Celebrity Gogglebox Australia episode on March 2 at 7:30pm.