PSA: Facebook’s Right & You’ve Legit Only Got 3 Days To Enrol To Vote

Okay folks, here are two bona fide #facts for you on this fine Friday arvo. Please do note that only one of them is cause for alarm.

Facebook has been integrating these fandangled little boxes into newsfeeds nationwide, cordially reminding the citizens of this fine nation to enrol to vote. Have a gander:

Knowing the vitriolic reactions Facey users stump up every time anything – seriously, bloody anything – changes on the site, we feel it’s necessary to say this ain’t part of some grand overhaul. 

Legit. For all intents and purposes, it seems Mark Zuckerberg & Co. honestly just want you and your kin to get sorted before the Federal election on Saturday 2 July.

No ads, no political biases, nothin’. And good on ’em.

Now, the actual cause for alarm: the cutoff for enrolments is far bloody closer than many would expect: it’s 8pm, Monday 23 May.

We repeat, at time of publication, you’ve got just north of 72 hours to smash that button, should you see it, and square your democratic responsibilities away.

Well, you will be okay, if you go ahead and prepare yourself for the great shuffling of the Aussie political system.

If you’re unsure ’bout this whole deal, if your name has been a-changed, if you’ve recently moved, or if you’ve recently turned 18 (belated HBD to you, pals), smash this link. 

If you don’t, well, you’ll have no say in who runs this place when the election rolls around – plus, if you don’t have a water-tight reason for not ticking those boxes, you could even end up with a $170 fine. Yeah.

So, trust Zuck on this one. Go ahead and embrace your civil duties, you fine Australians, you. 

Source: Facebook / Australian Electoral Commission. 
Photo: Pool / Anadolu Agency / Getty.