WATCH: Waleed Tell Ya To Enrol To Vote, And Then BLOODY ENROL TO VOTE

Look, for the vast majority of the time, the machinations of Australian politics are completely out of our hands.

All we can do is twiddle our thumbs as the lads and lasses we decided should represent us years back find new and exciting ways to champion the causes that matter to us / let us down, terribly.

But now, friends, now you have the opportunity to say “nup, I’m not feeling you any more, mate.” You have the chance to tell any number of pollies to beat it. 

And, you’ve got the opportunity to support the humans you reckon could really do with a stint in public office.

If you enrol to vote. That’s a big if, ’cause stacks of you aren’t. Before we let Waleed “nail” it, fang over to and check your deets – you’ve got less than half an hour to do so, at time of writing.

Okay? Good. Now, hear the same thing from your newest Gold Logie winner, thereby an expert on the power of public opinion:

Source: The Project / Twitter.