It Takes Less Time To Enrol To Vote Than It Does To Make Instant Noods So Seriously, Do It Now

how to enrol australian federal election 2022

The federal election is coming in hot for May 21, so if you don’t know how to enrol or update your enrolment (i.e. if you’ve moved house) with the Australian Electoral Commission, we’re here to take care of you.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison literally just set the election date so we don’t have an enrolment deadline yet, but it’s usually seven days after the Governor-General issues the writ to dissolve parliament (which has to happen within 10 days), so it’s a pretty tight time squeeze.

Knowing Morrison he’ll probably only leave a one-week window for teens to enrol, like he did last election, so better to get onto it ASAP.

It takes literally two minutes (it’s true, I just did it) and is guaranteed to make you feel great because it is truly an honour and a privilege to be able to participate in a democracy and have your say on what happens with your hard-earned tax dollars.

Am I eligible to vote in the federal election?

If this year’s will be your first federal election, congrats!

You are eligible to vote next month if you are an Australian citizen and are 18 or above on election day, May 21. (If you’re 17 but will soon turn 18 before the election, you can still enrol now!)

How do I actually enrol?

Well, it is wildly simple and you can do it HERE.

To enrol all you need is:

  • your driver’s licence, or
  • Australian passport number, or
  • have someone who is enrolled confirm your identity.

To enrol or update your enrolment you will need to provide a few details which include your full name, ID number, residential address, email and mobile number. And that’s pretty much it! You don’t need to know which electorate you’re in, you don’t need to know your local MP, it’s just the basics.

The AEC will then put your name on a list within your electorate so when it’s time to vote, go to your nearest polling booth (usually set up in public buildings like primary schools), give them your name, they’ll tick you off, and go and VOTE. WOO.

If you need to cast an absentee vote, you can either register to vote in a different electorate to your own (i.e. if you’re on holidays or something) or you can vote via post. You can also vote early, if you’re planning to be away.

Once again – the link is to enrol is HERE and the link to update your details is HERE. Get it done!