Clear Your Arvo Plans ‘Cos Frank Ocean’s Surprise New Tune ‘Chanel’ Is Here

After last year’s long-awaited one-two punch of Endless and Blonde, it appears Frank Ocean is heading to the opposite end of the music-releasing spectrum: after featuring on Calvin Harris’ Slide about a minute ago, he’s dropped solo newie Chanel.

Unleashed on his blonded RADIO show via Apple Music, the unexpected but nonetheless appreciated tune is a tidy slice of chilled out R’n’B. The opening lines hint at aspects of his personal life too, as he croons “my guy pretty like a girl / and he got fight stories to tell.”

It does make sense why this one would appear as a loosie, though – it’s slick, and perhaps lacking a lil’ of the idiosyncratic, cumulatively excellent nature of the tracks featured on Blonde. 
By that, we mean you can easily vibe out to this one without feeling compelled to charge through half an album beforehand. Get around it, now: