WATCH: Frank Ocean Hears Your Prayers, Answers With Lush Tune ‘Nikes’

Frank Ocean has been so goddamn elusive for the past few years that even though we heralded the arrival of Endless with a big ol’ “IT’S HAPPENING”, we weren’t actually sure the long-awaited release of his new tunes would continue happening.

Welp, the man is still coming through, and the clip for Nikes is the proof we so desperately needed. TBH, the visual is vintage Frank – it’s simultaneously lush and washed out, glittering but gloomy, and it’s got a shitload of fast cars to truncate the foggy NSFW vibe.

As for the track itself? It’s a stream of consciousness from a muso whose inner workings are interesting enough to keep the track afloat. Shout-outs to A$AP Yams and Trayvon Martin give way to the kind of emotive musings typical of the bloke.
Check it out:

Source and photo: Apple Music.