Bored Dad Shows Off Hobby He Took Up To Alleviate Stress Of Job He’s No Good At

scott morrison ukulele 60 minutes

Prime Minister Scott Morrison is being dragged for subjecting his family and Karl Stefanovic to his latest hobby – playing the ukulele – as part of an upcoming 60 Minutes interview. HBO’s White Lotus looks different here. And by different I mean bad.

In the sneak peak posted on Friday, Morrison played the instrument which was popularised in Hawaii in front of his wife Jenny, their daughters and Stefanovic.

Morrison attempted to perform a cover of “April Sun In Cuba” by Aussie-New Zealand band Dragon. We say attempted to because he continued to play the same one verse and admitted to Stefanovic he “doesn’t know the words”.

He also doesn’t appear to know how to run a country but go off I guess.

Now given Morrison literally fled the country for a cheeky holiday in Hawaii when the country recorded its highest ever temperature to date and as parts of New South Wales and Victoria were burning in January 2020, the idea of him playing an instrument that’s culturally associated with the country is pretty fkn rich.

At this point, you gotta wonder if the guy is willingly trying to fuck up his chances at winning the election. Does his media advisors hate him? That’s what we’re getting from this scenario.

This remix version of ScoMo’s performance feels a lot more appropriate.

Folks have banged their heads against the wall at the cringe audition reel for a RuPaul’s Drag Race talent extravaganza. We’re sure several of them are hoping that the consequential head injury will fix this very clear glitch in the 2022 simulation.

“We are legitimately keen to know whether Scott and his PR team know that the ukulele is Hawaiian and decided that it’d be an epic troll for him to play it on 60 Minutes or if they’re just really that stupid,” Twitter account MarqueeLawyers said in a tweet.

Another summed up our exact experience seeing this cursed clip: “I think I died overnight and went to hell”. 

Here are some of the best tweets about Scott Morrison playing the ukulele.

The 60 Minutes Scott Morrison special will air on Sunday on Channel Nine and 9Now. If you need us we’ll be getting drunk in preparation.

In case you missed it, the Prime Flopster last week tried to wash a poor woman’s hair at a hair salon in Melbourne, and with all due respect, get your slimy hands off her!