Lime Cordiale Is About To Start Their World Tour So They Dropped A Zesty New Single, As A Treat


Sydney-based pop rock sensation Lime Cordiale are kicking off their monumental world tour with the release of a juicy new single and its equally zesty music video, “The Big Reveal; Au L’Hypocrite”.

The cheeky, high energy music video follows the musicians as they perform on a makeshift stage in front of a less-than-impressed crowd. Well, until things take a dramatic turn. If this is a dig at Sydney’s nightlife… I approve.

The song is the final dreamy iteration of a demo by band member Louis Leimbach, who laid down its core elements. When the gang were figuring out the lyrics to accompany the music, they realised it had quite theatrical vibes — and they ran with it, drawing inspiration from their actor friends and learning more about vintage plays.

“We discovered an old play by Moliere which translates to ‘The Imposter; or The Hypocrite’ which just felt way too fitting so that’s where we got this title for the song,” the band said.

“We wanted the production of this song to feel bold. The music video definitely shares that aesthetic. It’s in your face. Felix, our keys player, cranked the huge circusy-cabaret organ solo. That was the final touch on the song.”

Peep the music video below:

In 2023, Lime Cordiale really solidified their hold on the music industry by securing four spots in Triple J’s Hottest 100 and also nabbing the Rolling Stone Readers Choice Award.

Heck, even their YouTube comment section is positively delightful — a true feat in this day and age.

Lime Cordiale have even dropped their own beer — apparently a right of passage for Aussie stars these days, lol — and it’s only up from here, folks. Only thing left on the list is to spark a TikTok trend to a chorus of a song sped up 3x. Now that’s success.

“The Big Reveal; Au L’Hypocrite” dropped right before Lime Cordiale’s global tour, which spans the US, UK, and Europe. The song is now available via Chugg Music.