Lime Cordiale Scored An Award For Their Chaotic Music Vid & Met The PM All In One Day

Those cheeky musos from Lime Cordiale have walked home with the PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION Music Video Of The Year award presented by Lynx Fine Fragrance Collection for their banger ‘The Big Reveal; Ou L’Hypocrite’. The song is a catchy bop that leaves a lasting impression, and you bet the music video is too, so of course we gave it the award it deserves!

Lime Cordiale has already won a tonne of accolades, including the Rolling Stone Reader’s Choice Award in 2023, and four spots on the 2023 triple j’s Hottest 100

Despite being familiar with awards, the band’s Oli Leimbach still found winning PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION’s Music Video Of The Year “pretty epic”.

“We wanted it to show what was in our heads when we were writing the song,” Oli told PEDESTRIAN.TV.

“I reckon we achieved it. It’s pretty weiiiird.”

I reckon you did too, Oli.

Though they couldn’t make it to the PEDESTRIAN TELEVISION Awards, the video’s “mad man” director Kyle Caulfield picked up the award for Lime Cordiale on the night.

The music video for The Big Reveal’ is undoubtedly weird, wild, and wonderful. The chaotic video starts with Lime Cordiale members Oli and Louis Leimbach preparing to appear on stage at a simple RSL. The music builds to a chorus that’ll make you shout “GOD DAYUM, WHAT’S THE BIG DEAL!?!”

However as the vid continues it gets weirder, and darker. Louis strangles himself with a mic lead. A sad clown cries on stage. The audience remains apathetic to the absurd performance before them.

But when Louis eventually makes ‘The Big Reveal’, well…

You’ll have to watch it and find out.

PEDESTRIAN.TV was lucky enough to chat to Oli about what happened behind the scenes of the video, and also hear what else Lime Cordiale has gotten up to which included a new album and meeting Prime Minister Anthony Albanese to get more arts funding and tackle climate change. Busy boys!

Read the whole chat below. 

Lime Cordiale’s new album Enough Of The Sweet Talk comes out on July 26 and can be preordered here.