Abbie Chatfield Has Released Her Own Beer So If You’ll Excuse Me I’m Off To Pick Up A Slabbie

abbie chatfield beer lager spill

Summer’s about to get a bunch hotter because Abbie Chatfield has launched her own range of beer in time for the warmer months.

Between her podcast, her radio show, her festival-hosting life, her super popular sex toys and now her beer — which is aptly called “Spill”, by the way — it seems there’s nothing Abbie can’t do. It’s a lot, and I say that with full respect.

Tinnies of the new Spill lager hit shelves in Liquorland and First Choice shops across Australia on Wednesday. It looks like a pretty crisp froth, if you ask me.

The lager — which is a truly inoffensive beer that goes down well on a stinking hot day — comes in at less than 99 calories per can and is bloody low on carbs. It’s got notes of delicate fruits and malt with a gentle bitterness, not like some of those turbo New England IPAs that blow your head off.

Abbie Chatfield said it’s her “perfect encapsulation” of a beer in a press release about the new sipper.

“I know that the thought of me starting a beer may seem left of field to some, but anyone who knows me knows that beer is always my go-to drink,” she said.

“Being an easy-going lager, there’s a perfect lightness to Spill, while still being a classic beer that I know everyone can enjoy  — even those who are traditionally steering clear of ordering a beer with dinner.”

Six-packs of the new precious bevington are currently going for $20 each over at Liquorland while a slab (or Slabbie?) will set you back $59 for 24 tins.

So if you’ve been a bit hesitant about getting into the beeries, maybe this is your sign to rip the lid off one this summer. There’s truly nothing like having an extremely ice-cold froth during a long gossiping sesh with the group chat.