Forget Cum Blankets, This Cooling Blanket Will Soak Up All The Sweat From Your Summer Romps

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We all know a hot sleeper. Someone who can’t fall asleep without a pedestal fan on blast lest they wake up in a sweat puddle that’ll leave a big yellow stain on their mattress. Or maybe your latest roll in the sheets keeps getting so hot and steamy that your poor sex blanket can’t keep up. Thankfully, a cooling blanket will do the trick.

That’s why your choice of bedding is so fkn important. While most people will push ya in the direction of breathable bamboo or linen sheets, let’s be real – nobody likes to sleep with an ultra-thin top sheet. We all want something plushy, with a bit more substance to it.

So that’s where this cooling comforter by Rest Duvet comes in. Now on sale for 25% off, this comforter is ultra soft and features a cool material dubbed “Evercool”.

Available in three sizes and three colours (aqua blue, cool grey and snow ivory), this cooling comforter will save you (or your bedmate) from a restless sleep feat. The Night Sweats.

What’s so hot about Rest Duvet’s Evercool cooling comforter?

Cooling blanket
Image: Rest Duvet

The bad boi is cold to the touch. It genuinely feels like you’ve just pulled it out of the refrigerator. But rather than being frozen stiff, this Rest Duvet comforter feels as soft and smooth as velvet. The kind of soft that will lure your antisocial cat into finally sleeping with you.

The reason why it feels so cool is because of Rest Duvet’s unique Evercool fabric. It’s been scientifically engineered to absorb and transfer heat super quickly, solidifying it as one of the coolest and highest Qmax materials out.

For reference, if your mum constantly nags you to buy cotton sheets, just know that this cooling comforter is 10 times faster at releasing your body heat than cotton is.

Oh and you know when you roll over for a cuddle in the middle of the night but your partner’s skin feels all clammy? Well, say bye-bye to those night sweats because this Evercool comforter is moisture-wicking, baby. It’ll instantly absorb any sweat that’s produced and rapidly dry it so you won’t wake up to drenched sheets at 3am.

Now that you’re convinced, it’s probably time to adopt the Scandinavian sleep method. The one where you and your sleeping buddy each have your own blankets because we just know that they’re going to rip this cooling blanket off you at every chance they get. Even your fur babies are going to want in on this action.

You can shop Rest Duvet’s Evercool cooling comforter here from $269.25 (down from $359).