We Tried A Bazillion Different Doonas To Work Out Which’ll Keep You Snuggly This Winter


Each year when either summer or winter rolls around, we all frantically start searching online for the best quilts. Or best doonas. Whatever you want to call it. Just don’t ever say “duvet” in my presence.

I used to think polyester doonas and duck down doonas were the only thing that existed, but recently my world has truly expanded. It turns out there are HEAPS of quilt types out there.

I’ve had a polyester doona for like, well frankly too long. I don’t want to say, because it’s gross. But I’m sure many of you are in the same boat, and are looking to adult up and buy something new that isn’t covered in drool stains (or worse).

I tried all the types I could find for you – here’s my review.

1. Polyester

Target Thermaloft Polyester Quilt, from $69

Look, I’m not a fan. Now that I’ve tried other types, I’ve realised how long I lived with being a sweaty mess in my sleep, you know?

Basically, I find polyester quilts the least breathable of the lot. Maybe you’re fine with that – I now could not go back.

They are often the cheapest, though – so if you live in a relatively cool climate where you aren’t sweating a lot in your sleep AND you’re broke, they’re not a bad purchase.

Side note: I didn’t trial this one, but the one I had was from Target or Kmart, so I popped a similar vibe in.

2. Wool

Sheridan Deluxe Australian Wool All Seasons Quilt, from $499.99

I am a big fan of the wool doona. I thought I would find it too hot, like the polyester quilt – but it turns out wool is actually super adaptable. It regulates your body temperature, so I found this super warm on colder nights, but not sweaty on the warmer ones where you still need a quilt coz it weirdly gets freezing at 3am.

I tried the All Seasons quilt, but if you’re in a really chilly climate Sheridan have a Super Warm version too, which is prob your best bet for winter.

3. Bamboo

Ettitude Bamboo Whitehaven Quilt, from $185

I am absolutely obsessed with bamboo sheets (more on that over here) and swear by them for regulating body temperature and also making it feel like you’re sleeping on a cloud.

So I was surprised to find the bamboo quilt wasn’t my number one personal favourite. I found the material to be a bit too warm for me – not sweaty, like polyester, but just a bit thick on warmer nights.

That being said I tried one of the winter weight quilts, so that would be great in cold climates. The summer weight quilt may have been the better option for Sydney!

4. Silk

Ecosa Silk Quilt, from $310

I KNOW, right? Silk! In quilts! That is some bougie chaotic energy! Well, surprisingly it’s not as bougie as you’d expect. I mean, they’re not cheap – but Ecosa are making them, and that’s the one I tried.

Ecosa have three types – Summer, Mid-Weight and Winter. I tried the winter one again, and it’s almost as amazing as the wool quilt. ALMOST. I’m currently using it as a second layer on really cold nights, because I found the silk quilt to be similar to the bamboo in that it really retains heat – but that can make you a bit too hot on warmer nights, or at the beginning of the night which is usually a bit warmer.

That being said it is SO luxurious. Soft, cuddly, all that.

5. Down

Onkaparinga Hugarian Goose Down & Feather Quilt 50/50, from $399.95

Down quilts are controversial, and to be honest I’m not a fan. Some brands like Onkaparinga have disclosures in place where they ensure a standard that doesn’t involve animal cruelty such as live plucking, but that being said geese and ducks will still be dying to make down, and not every brand has responsible manufacturing in place.

In terms of vibe, down quilts ARE really luxurious to use, and they also regulate your body temperature quite well. They’re very cuddly.

They can be a bit sneezy if you suffer from hayfever though. They are also on the more exxy side of things.

I would definitely say check the down/feather ethics of the brand you’re considering buying from before you buy, though!

Side note: I didn’t try this one, but I have slept in a down quilt before so based my review on that. I included this one as Onkaparinga have the responsible manufacturing information on site.

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