We Trialled All The Bedlinen Types To Determine Which Ones You Should Buy

Is there anything better than bedtime? Fact: no, there isn’t. After a long day of sitting at a computer, I can’t think of anything better than doing absolutely no exercise and moving my weak ass from the computer chair, into a soft, warm bed – covered, of course, in the finest of bedlinen.

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But what bedlinen is best? With bamboo, cotton, linen, even eucalyptus sheets on the market these days, it can be hard to decide. So to help you out, I tried them all. Yes, all of them. And this is what I found

1. Linen

Bed Threads 100% Flax Linen Sheet Set in Terracotta, from $250

If you love the look of a slept-in bed, linen sheets are your friend. The crushed look is SO inviting after a long day. But what does linen feel like to sleep in? Surprisingly comfy – it’s not my personal favourite (read on for that) but I can damn well see why linen bedding went viral in the last couple of years. It’s cool in summer, warm and cosy in winter, and soft on the skin without being as silky as bamboo. I found my Bed Threads linen sheets to be like the luxe version of cotton – fresh and light, but a bit softer and more snuggly.

2. Bamboo

Ettitude Bamboo Lyocell Duvet Bundle, from $283.05

Hands down my favourite type of bedlinen. These Ettitude sheets are so soft, it’s like you’re sleeping inside a cloud – it’s honestly such an experience slipping into bamboo sheets, I can’t think of anything to compare it to except HEAVEN.

Some people find bamboo sheets to be too cold in winter – I disagree, but if you like to feel extra snuggly maybe bamboo is more of a summer thing for you. I really love the breathable nature of bamboo sheets, and find they keep me warm (but I also use an electric blanket for an hour before bed).

3. Cotton

Feyre Home Modern Times Dream Set, from $379.90

I was loyal to cotton sheets for years, because my Mum drilled into me that cotton was the most breathable fabric and you needed to sleep in cotton so you didn’t overheat and have nightmares. Well, she was wrong – but cotton IS a great fabric for bedlinen and it IS super breathable. I still have a soft spot for it, and these Feyre Home sheets I trialled are 100% American Supima cotton. Apparently it’s the world’s finest cotton, and look it was pretty damn soft and luxe let me tell you.

4. Eucalyptus

Koala Duvet Set, from $170

Yes, really – eucalyptus fibre is the new thing in bedlinen. At least at Koala it is – the mattress specialists created their own sheet sets, and folks? They slap. They really slap. I’d say these are my second favourite. Eucalyptus fibre doesn’t smell like eucalyptus leaves (thank god). Feeling-wise they’re like a middle ground between bamboo and cotton – a bit thicker than bamboo, but with the soft silkiness.

5. Flanelette

Bed Bath & Table Golden Wattle Flanelette Sheet Set, from $89.95

Look, on a cold, cold night you can’t beat flanno sheets can you. I do love them deeply, but outside of winter they’re not exactly very useful. That being said, I find flanelette sheets to be the only type to feel warm even when you haven’t put an electric blanket on for a bit before you hop into bed at night. So there’s that?