Excuse Me While I Hibernate Through The Entirety Of Winter In These Ridiculously Soft Sheets

I woke up this morning feeling fresh to death. Lol jk, I never wake up like that – BUT I was thinking about my cosy bed, and about telling you all exactly why my bed is so fkn cosy at the moment.

I’ve had Ettitude sheets for a while now, and while I raved about them in this piece I wrote about different types of bedlinen, they honestly deserve their own story. Because friends, this is what it’s like to sleep in a cloud.

Basically, Ettitude use bamboo lyocell for their fabric. Anyone who has been around bamboo-based fabrics knows how ultra soft they are. I’m a bit obsessed with bamboo-based fabrics, my fave PJs from Cotton On are also a bamboo-based material.

This bamboo lyocell makes the sheets hypoallergenic, thermo-regulating and the process they use to create the material apparently saves water – they can reuse 98% of the water needed to crush/pulp the bamboo into fibers in a closed-loop system.

It’s not that I don’t like materials such as cotton or linen for bed sheets. But nothing comes close to these SPECIFIC sheets from Ettitude in terms of softness, for me. There’s honestly something about them that relaxes me when I crawl into bed at night.

I also never get hot in these sheets – they really do regulate my temp. They’re not too cold in winter, not too hot in summer. To be fair I feel that way about cotton and linen as well, but these come with the added element of “I feel like a swaddled baby”.

They market the material now as “vegan silk” because it’s so soft. As someone who loves a silk pillowcase, I’d say it’s a close contender for silk, but not an exact match. That being said, if you’re not a silk fan this is a great option.

The ones I personally have are the Bamboo Lyocell Duvet Cover:


And the fitted sheet.

The only thing that annoys me is that there are only a few colourways – I have the white, but there is charcoal, a soft pink, a mint green, dark and light blue, black and a few striped versions. Can a gal get a rust or a nice oatmeal up in here plsssssss.

You can suss their whole range here.