7 Antibacterial Bamboo Basics That’ll Fend Off The Rank Smell Of Ya Sweaty Pits This Summer

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Look, y’all, I don’t know about you, but I fucking love having a solid collection of basics to fuel my attempt at a capsule wardrobe. Y’know? The ones that go with literally anything that I could pull out of my closet at any given time. The only issue is that I’ve been burned so many times by brands that promise to offer neato threads that won’t pill or go scratchy in a single wash…then they do.

But, after 22 years on God’s green Earth, I think I’ve fiiiiinally managed to hack it. Obviously, since I’m no gatekeeper, it was always on the cards to write about it, and lucky for you, today is that day. Enter Boody Underwear — the epic brand slinging eco-friendly, simple staple pieces that won’t cost me my left arm, a kidney, and another cheeky pineapple on top of that.

Now, when I say basics, I’m talking tees, singlets, thick-strapped crops, undies, bralettes, period care products, sleepwear, activewear, and so much more.

You’re probably like, “okay….so how the fuck are they remotely different from anything else I could get from my local RN?”

The specialty behind these threads is that they’re made from organically-grown bamboo. That means they’re breathable AF (so ya won’t end up with soaking pits at the end of a brisk summer walk) and antibacterial to help keep B.O. and other odours at bay. They’re also thermoregulating, which makes them a good trans-seasonal investment. And bestie, when I say they’re super soft, I’m not fkn lying.

To indulge you further, let me give ya a sneaky peek at my top picks (which also happen to be some of Boody’s bestsellers, too).

This work to rooftop drinks appropriate crop top

boody underwear

Shelf Bra Crop Top, $44.95

I wear a crop like this in white to work all the fkn time because it’s the perfect base under a jacket, shirt or jumper. It also stands on its own with a nice pair of pants, and you simply cannot convince me otherwise.

This beachy bandeau

Bandeau Bra, $18.95

If you love a strapless moment of the above, this is your sign from the universe to stock up ASAP — especially now that summer is slowly making an appearance.

This Kimmy K-esque cami

boody underwear

Cami Top, $22.95

A cami that doesn’t look hot as fuck? Don’t know her.

These full coverage period undies

Period and Leakproof Brief, $25.95

If you hate bunchy pads like me and haven’t been game enough to try a period cup yet (also like me), these full-coverage briefs will keep your period intact all night long. Just make sure you buy the right absorbency for your personal cycle, or it could end in shambles.

These neato boxers

boody underwear

Men’s Everyday Boxers, $26.95

My boyfriend treated himself to new boxers the other day, and TBH more men should start seriously investing in their undies. I mean, you do have to wear them 24 hours a day, seven days a week, so you might as well be comfy.

Your new fave everyday crew

Women’s Crew Neck T-Shirt, $39.95

C’mon, does this one really even need a justification? Good quality crews never go astray.

This hoodie that your partner will probably steal

boody underwear

Weekend Pullover Hoodie, $89.95

Featured in black and grey, this bamboo hoodie is the perfect trans-seasonal cover-up.

Interested in checking out Boody Underwear’s full range? Head here.

ICYMI, each online purchase also contributes a 1% donation to help protect the environment, which is a pretty solid deal if you ask me.