If Ya Wanna Serve Blue Water High Realness, We’ve Found Ya The Perfect Boardies For Summer

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Forget the indie sleaze resurgence, this article is a formal petition for us to officially bring back the colourful boardie era once and for all.

Now, don’t play dumb y’all, I know you know what I’m talking about — think circa 2014, when you’d walk along the beach or go to your local shitty shopping centre to get a Donut King hotdog (which slapped BTW) only to be borderline blinded by highlighter-esque, fluro pieces and a sea of Aztec prints. What a truly thrilling time to be alive.

Similar to the coconut girl aesthetic that re-entered the fashion scene last year and still lives on today through shell necklaces, hibiscus-printed dresses and frozen yoghurt dates, it’s time for the coconut boy to re-emerge with colourful printed boardies, Quicksilver-branded oversized tees and those surfy anklets and necklaces made of rope.

The Aussie brand that’ll help get you there? Eubi Shorts. Yep, they’ve been sold 100,000 over and were even worn on Love Island last year. Actor Simu Liu also seems to be a big fan, wearing them frequently. Not only that, they’re set to inject some sort of personality back into your togs thanks to the sick collection of temperature-react shorts they’ve got going, which are basically trunks that change colours in line with their level of UV exposure at any given time. Karen’s boobs might have been able to tell if it was raining, but these boardies will give ya the upper hand when it comes to sussing how hot it is outside.

The current shades on offer range from purple/blue to orange/yellow, leopard, zebra and tiger.

Magical Swim Shorts, $69.90

Their range of signature boardies also come with a range of prints for every type of person. Boba lover? There’s literally a short for that. Flamingo-inclined mate? One for him, too. Zebra enthusiast? Don’t worry, we’ll sort ya. Now that I think about it, these probably aren’t a bad shout for Halloween or festival szn either. It might even lend itself to an iconic matching moment with the lads? World’s ya oyster.

Eubi shorts, eubi, love island outfits

Signature Swim Shorts, $69.90

Anywho, as we gear up for the warmer months ahead, they’re well and truly worth adding to your rotation, so if ya wanna get your thirsty mitts on a pair, make sure to drop the code ‘SPLASH10’ at the checkout for a 10% discount to your order.

If boardies aren’t exactly your forte, but you need some other short goodies for summer, Eubi also has a range of loungewear and casual shorts worth sussing.

You can shop Eubi’s full range here.