Mermade’s New Haircare Line Is Made For Y’all Who Wanna Keep Yr Matilda Djerf Blow Wave All Night

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For as long as I can remember, the common rhetoric around heat tools is that we should be doing everything in our power not to use them — especially if we want shiny, glossy locks void of breakage and frizz in the long-term. But, TBH it’s near impossible to go a week without at least running a straightener or a cheeky blowout brush through our hair — especially given that Matilda Djerf’s voluminous blow wave style has a total chokehold on every girly there ever was.

Now, I know there’s thousands of videos and TikToks about how to achieve those iconic heatless curls using your literal dressing gown robe, but for my natural curly, frizzy hair — only heat will truly do it for me.

That’s where cult-fave Mermade Hair’s new range — specifically designed to use in conjunction with your godsend hot tools — comes in.

Launching today, October 4, the same brand that brought us that iconic waver you saw doing the rounds on Instagram last year, has dropped six new and epic products to use with your hot tools, so now you can have your cake and eat it, too.

Starting with your basics, we’ve got a detoxifying shampoo ($34) and a texturising conditioner ($34). Then if you want to complete the kit (and trust me, you do), Mermade Hair has also dropped a primer ($27), a frizz-taming serum ($39), a thermal mist ($29) and a repair mask ($49). Mix and match bundles are also available starting from $79.

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The aim is that these babies will nourish and protect your hair from heat damage while also providing it with better styling, hold, colour retention, hydration, strength and repair.

So, to all my girlies who have curls that drop before you even leave the house, or my friends who wish their blow out will turn out more salon sleek — I think I’ve just found the solution to your woes.

The science behind it is simple. All the prods in this range are formulated with a unique MeraGuard Complex which contains 17 amino acids and antioxidants to provide heat stress protection that assists in the health of the scalp, hair follicle and hair shaft.

“The protective effect of MeraGuard Complex on hair was directed to focus on urban pollution, UV and heat stress to repair, prevent and restore the hairs resilience and shine,” says Tara Simich, Founder of Mermade Hair.

For my sustainable, and vegan queens, I should note the range is cruelty-free, vegan and void of animal testing. It’s also free of toxins, sulphates, parabens, SLS & SLES while being colour safe and human hair extension safe, too.

Interested? You can check out the all the full line of new prods here now.