Priceline Is Having A 50% Off Haircare Sale RN & Suddenly You’re Busy Tonight

Hello this is my PSA of the day: the good folks at cheapo pharmacy, Priceline, is having a 50% sale on most of their haircare range right fkn now.

Yep, bail on work early friends, it is time to stock up on inexpensive dry shampoo and the fancy conditioner you only buy when it’s on special.

The offer includes hair accessories and brushes so if you’re one of the many, many of us who can never find a bobby pin or a hair elastic in their bedroom, this is your day. Givvus these Lady Jayne brushes, all of them:

Been considering dying your hair a fun colour because it’s almost summer and you’re feeling frisky? Now is a good time: there’s Schwartzkopf semi-permanent colour going for less than a fiver. Finally buy an Essano hair mask, a leave-in conditioner, or a serum for less than a tenner.

Priceline is also slinging out an up to 30% discount on hair electrical – so you can cop a fancy arse Remington hair straightener or hair dryer or hair curler for an incredibly decent price. They’ve even got that Kardashian Beauty three-in-one styler up for grabs.

The whirlwind sale finishes up this Thursday – try not to knock anyone over when you barge through those automatic doors this arvo, okay? And pls don’t buy any of the things I’ve already said I have my eye on. Pls. See the full range of products you definitely want immediately HERE.