We Asked 4 Women To Swap Hair Routines For A Week, & It Was A Wild Time For All

We’ve all got preeeetty set-in-stone hair routines. Maybe you’re a “wash it once a week” person. Or perhaps you would rather set fire to your strands than go a morning without a wash. You might love your straightener like it’s your child, or barely touch a hair brush.

Whatever the case, we usually know our hair the best and what works for it. Or… do we?

We asked six women to swap hair routines for a week, to see if they could learn a thing or two by stepping out of their comfort zone.


HAIR TYPE: Curly/wavy, long, uncoloured, has a fringe.

HAIR ROUTINE: I wash my hair twice a week, just whenever it feels a bit gross. I double shampoo using a hydrating product, and I don’t use conditioner because I haaaaate it. It always makes my hair limp. Instead I’ll spritz a leave-in conditioner after showering, sometimes. I straighten and curl it with the straightener EVERY morning, and wash my fringe every morning too because it gets dirtier faster. I use no products except for heat protectant.


HAIR TYPE: salon blonde, short-medium, fine, straight with a slight wave.

HAIR ROUTINE: I wash my hair every day, because it gets dirty REAL fast. I use no styling products at all – I just let it air dry. I use a blonde shampoo to keep my colour bright, and I use a daily conditioner because I found regular ones weighed my hair down.

The Verdict

“Washing my hair every day was a punish! I didn’t need to, and it took up SO much time in the morning. However, letting my hair air dry was magic. I’m going to keep doing this during the work week, to be honest – giving the heat tools a rest was something I’d always avoided but really makes a difference. Another thing I’ll give a go? Reintroducing conditioner into my routine. I ended up cheating slightly and used the Pantene Foam Conditioner, which is even lighter than Alex’s. It didn’t weigh my hair down so I feel like I could revisit conditioner if I’m using something light like this.” – Mel.

“My hair was insanely dirty all week – who washes their hair just TWICE in seven days? That being said, I think from this experience I could stretch my hair washing to every two days – it was nice to get out of the shower quickly of a morning. Although the time was swiftly taken up with all that hair straightening and styling – HATED that. Will not be adopting, thanks very much. I missed my conditioner but I liked the hydrating shampoo, I always thought those had to be really heavy but Mel’s one was pretty light.” – Alex.


HAIR TYPE: Very curly, dry and unruly.

HAIR ROUTINE: I rarely wash my hair – like once a week, max. When I do I use moisturising shampoo and always, always a treatment instead of conditioner because my hair needs the moisture. Then, I’ll add curl enhancing cream to my damp hair and let it air dry.


HAIR TYPE: Fine, coloured red, and short.

HAIR ROUTINE: I was my hair every second day, using special red shampoo and conditioner to maintain my bright colour. I use straightening balm and then blow dry my hair so it’s poker straight.

The Verdict

“So I don’t have red hair, instead I picked up some brunette shampoo and conditioner from the shops – I’d been wanting to try it anyway, see if it made my dark brown hair shinier. It did! I’m a total convert. Washing my hair every second day, though – TORTURE. My hair’s so dry and unruly, it really didn’t respond well to this at all. The blow drying was even worse! My hair is so curly that unless I use a hair straightener, it’s never going to be anything less than a big frizz ball.” – Jess.

“It was so scary to forgo my red shampoo and conditioner – I can’t tell you how quickly red colour fades! But the moisturising shampoo and the treatment seemed to keep the colour in check and didn’t strip it. Although they were definitely too heavy for my hair type, I had that greasy, flat look all the time! The only thing I would take from Jess’ routine was letting my hair air dry – I’ve worn it dead straight forever but it looked really chill with it’s natural waves in a bob. Here’s me thinking I’d have triangle hair!” – Chloe.